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Harissa Casablanca

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Harissa Casablanca delivers earthy, savory heat tinged with tangy-fruity sweet notes. Hailing from Morocco, harissa is a central ingredient in dishes like shakshuka and an ideal addition to vegetables, meats, fish, stews, and sauces. A love letter to harissa's North African origins, our Harissa Casablanca will transport you with its rich, spicy-sweet, aromatic warmth.

Ingredients used: Guajillo pepper, Smoked serrano pepper, Aleppo pepper, Garlic, Grey sea salt, Cumin, Paprika
Ingredients NOT used: Pesticides, additives and preservatives
Great for: Vegetables, chicken, soups, sauce, eggs 

What makes this blend unique:
One of my personal favorites, Harissa Casablanca conjures travel and home at once. This evocative, warm, comforting spice blend will ignite a journey through the senses.

This blend will shine in the following recipe: