About Us

ROOTS Home Cooking was created by chef and restaurateur Shimon Maman who believes that good food should be as enjoyable to make as it is to eat. His passion is to provide you with cooking essentials you can trust—hand-blended and professionally crafted to bring delicious natural flavors to the everyday kitchen.

Founded in New York City, ROOTS Home Cooking was created for people who love to eat good food but wish they could make it at home. We combine flavors from around the world to form unique blends that are sure to transform and elevate your many and varied dishes.

At ROOTS, our goal is to inspire and move you to create delicious dishes using simple ingredients. We source only the finest spices globally while taking into consideration agricultural methods to ensure the highest quality.

Creating delicious dishes doesn’t mean you have to follow a recipe and combine many different spices to reach a specific taste. With our chef-crafted spice blends, making a restaurant quality dish in the comfort of your kitchen has never been easier. We even provide sample recipes to use with each blend to encourage you to experiment.

Our brand launched with the essential spices we believe every kitchen should have, along with our signature recipe kit—the Hummus Kit. We have many more exciting things in the works such as additional kits, additional spice blends, tutorials, recipes, classes, and even playlists to cook by.