Meet Shimon


My Roots


Shimon is a chef, restaurateur, and former co-owner/operator of 12 Chairs Cafe and Shoo Shoo Nolita in New York City. Born and raised in Israel, Shimon grew up on his family's vineyard, where he cultivated a passion for food early in life. He later moved to Tel Aviv and discovered a passion for music which led him to become a DJ working at some of the most popular clubs around the world.

Shimon found a connection between his love for music and his love for food. Mixing tracks and ingredients led him to creative outcomes that inspired him to try and combine the two in his future work.

Following his military service, Shimon came to the United States and combined his two loves, working as a sought-after DJ in New York City and Miami, and ultimately graduating from The International Culinary School.

After years in the restaurant business, Shimon decided to further his passion for food-making by creating ROOTS Home Cooking, a spice blend and recipe kit brand designed to bring the authentic flavors of his restaurants to the everyday home kitchen.

Shimon divides his time between SoHo and upstate New York with his wife Romi and their two children, Lill and Sol.