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Inspired by steak au poivre, Roots Red Meats has a warm, spicy-sweet, peppery overtone with a bold aroma. It features four different peppers, nutmeg and a hint of allspice to infuse grilled or slow-cooked meats with sweet-spicy-peppery notes. The nutmeg in particular will also elevate plant-based meats to yield flavors indistinguishable from animal meat.

Ingredients used: Nutmeg, Grey sea salt, Allspice, Black pepper, Red peppercorn, Green peppercorn, White peppercorn.
Ingredients NOT used: Pesticides, additives and preservatives
Great for: Red meats, plant-based meats


What makes this blend unique:
Four different peppercorns combine for a bold texture that rings both tangy and spicy, while nutmeg and allspice provide soft, soothing, earthy undertones. 

This blend will shine in the following recipe:

GRILLED RIBEYE STEAK with Rainbow Potato, Carrots & Shallots