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A special blend designed to accompany hummus, with a citrusy flavor and mild to medium heat. The combination of cilantro and garlic yields a flavor profile that complements a wide variety of spreads, for dipping or topping everything from cheeses to vegetables. Roots Tatbila can also serve as a stand-alone dip when mixed with lemon juice or olive oil. 

Ingredients used: Cilantro, Garlic, Gray sea salt, Anaheim chili green
Ingredients NOT used: Pesticides, additives and preservatives
Great for: Sauce for hummus, fish, spreads and cheeses

What makes this blend unique:
Most hummus-based establishments in the Middle East serve tatbila beside a hummus plate or on top of the hummus itself. While traditional tatbila is spicy-sour and includes pickled peppers, cumin, and salt, the Roots Tatbila blend is made with green chiles, garlic, gray sea salt and cilantro. 

This blend will shine in the following recipe: